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US Army Golden Knights

US Army Golden Knights

The US Army Golden Knights are the Army’s official parachute team. Based out of Fort Bragg, the team is the official ambassadors of the Army and represent the skill and professionalism of US Soldiers.

The team formed in 1959 as the Strategic Army Command Parachute Team and was later renamed the United States Army Parachute Team. In 1962, they earned the nickname “Golden Knights.” The “Golden” referred to their gold medals, and “Knights” referred to their ambition to the team’s ambition to conquer the skies.

Each year they thrill crowds with their intricate maneuvers and landings that require extreme precision.

Did you know?

  • They performed their first demonstration in Danville, Virgina.
  • The Golden Knights are one of only three Department of Defense-sanctions aerial demonstration teams.
  • The Aviation Detachment, known as team 6, is a dedicated ground crew and air crew that operates the team’s fleet of five aircraft use for performances and competitions

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